So I’ve been practicing yoga on and off for about 3-and a half years now and and only recently have I begun to tap into it’s super headie, incredibly cleansing and crazy metaphysical powers. And boy, I am never going back to living a day without yoga. Bear with me…

This summer, on July 1st, my mind, body, and spirit exploded all over my campsite at Phish’s Superball… I had been struggling up until then with those cliche, self-identifying questions; “what is my purpose?”, “why have I been been given this life?”, “are there aliens, and are they watching me shower?”. I knew religion wasn’t my thing and science had always made a lot more sense to me when it came to our physical existence. But my spirit, my soul, whatever it may be, wasn’t being fulfilled or even recognized with my atheist ideology. I felt incomplete and as if I was faking my happiness to a degree. I knew something important was missing but for the life of me I couldn’t put my finger on it.  So on July 1st, I was enjoying Phish and my friends and a simple moment of quiet meditation when it occurred to me, “I really love today”. It was a simple, and perhaps corny exclamation, but it was something that hit me so dearly that I begun to cry in the arms of my best friend Cayla. Somehow that little, humble epiphany was what I was missing… or more accurately a step into realizing what I was missing…

This brings me back to yoga, oh holy yoga, how I love you so! How could I have gone this long without you!? In case you don’t know yoga is, in so many words, the practice of aligning the breath with stretches. It’s also about mediation, healing, discipline, enlightenment, and the list goes on. So before my corny little epiphany early this summer, I had tried yoga here and there, never very seriously. I can’t even tell you now what my practices were like back then, but I can tell you that I definitely wasn’t following my breath… and that’s the whole beauty of yoga! How often do you move your body in corresponds to your breathing? How often do you take a deep breath? Surely not enough. As I begun to practice more and more after my summertime epiphany I was able to discover the correlation between embracing and loving the present moment, and practicing yoga/using your breath.

Yoga is now a part of my everyday routine and I’ll never go back to wasting a day without at least ten minutes of yoga or meditation. There is a powerful force within you, in yoga it’s called your Prana, your life force. Your Prana exist through your breath and thrives when you give it a little TLC. Yoga is the TLC of the spirit, of the mind and of the body.

If you’re interested in learning more about different types of yoga and meditation here on campus check out the Health and Wellness community, they have drop-in meditations, retreats, stress-relieving practices. Also a hand full of the group fitness yoga instructors are some of the best I’ve had… I highly recommend Sarab’s kundalini yoga Tuesday night and Thursday morning. There are also a bunch of places downtown that have a wide selection of yoga practices, I recommend checking out

Trying something new is always a little scary and maybe might not even seem worth it, but I challenge you to try yoga everyday for just one week and see how you feel. You’ll notice your breath, your body and your ability to foster happiness a whole lot more… I PROMISE.

May the love time sun shine upon you, all love surround you, and the pure light within you guide your way on. Sat Nam. Namaste.

Sarah Maxine Schumacher

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