Bored Awards: The Best of UVM in 2017

4 months ago
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Every year since 2015, the Bored Team has asked students to let us know what their favorite parts of campus life are. We post a survey on our website, on myUVM, on our social media pages, and in emails to try to get a sense of what students think is “best” around here. We know Cats have a lot of opinions, so we set out to find out for sure where everything stands from food to dorms to classes and more.

This year we received over 1200 responses, beating our own personal record and making this the most comprehensive Bored Awards Yet! Extra special congrats to all of our amazing Bored Awards winners, you are a huge part of what makes UVM a great place to be!

Scroll below to find the “Best of UVM” as chosen by students, for students. Or check out last years’ winners here.