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We’re students too, so we know that finals can be rough. Tired? Overstressed? Have only eaten Ben and Jerry’s for a week straight? We’ve been there. Which is why we put together this handy dandy guide to de-stressing at UVM during finals week.

Scroll to the bottom of this page for a list of Living Well’s annual de-stress events happening during finals week. Or check out our full calendar here.

If you need to procrastinate on that essay juuuust a little bit longer, visit some of our blogs for some of the best advice for surviving finals around. Trust us, we’re (not really) pros.

We’ve put together a bunch of the best on-campus study spots (including some especially secret ones) at our blog.

Studying at coffee shops is a fun way to get a change of scenery and get out of the library. Check out our Burlington Cafe Crawl here.

Napping > studying always. Which is why we put together the top six on-campus nap spots for you to catch some Zzzs.

Don’t let studying get the best of you! Avoid finals breakdowns with our top five studying hacks.

Learn how to make the most of scarce Sodexo points or splurge with end-of-semester extra points at our blog over here.

Treat yourself! Bored has been practicing the fine art of self-dating. Give it a try with these suggestions.

Watch our Day in the Life Video to remember why we actually love it here when we’re not being crushed under the weight of a thousand assignments.

Good luck, Cats! Keep your heads up, the end is near!


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