poster for the baby sitter mingler

Are you a currently (Spring 2013) enrolled UVM student?
Do you have experience babysitting? Are you looking for a job that pays well and is flexible?

Come to the UVM Babysitter Mingler!
A chance for parents and kids from the Burlington community in need of babysitters to meet and mingle with UVM students who want to babysit!

January 26
Davis Center, 4th Floor
To sign up and attend, please visitĀ

For more information emailĀ

PLEASE NOTE: You must be a CURRENTLY ENROLLED (Spring 2013) UVM student to participate.

PLEASE NOTE: As UVM affiliates, we cannot take on the role of holding, exchanging, or advertising the particular babysitting needs of parents in the community, or the particular babysitting availability and/or qualifications of our students. We can host Babysitter Minglers where we bring students and parents together so that they can meet face to face and exchange information if they so choose. We do recommend that parents check references of the students who attended the Babysitter Mingler and use whatever screening process they would normally use when hiring a sitter.


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