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January 3 – 11, 2014

NR 185 – 3 credits

Walter Poleman

Program fee (TBA) plus airfare. Tuition is included in your spring course load, unless you register for more than 18 credits. Students are responsible for obtaining the appropriate vaccinations, including any associated costs.

Instructor Permission Required
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This course will focus on the island of South Andros in the Bahamas. Located 170 miles southeast of Miami and 20 miles west of Nassau, it is rich in biological diversity and adjacent to the third-largest barrier reef in the world. Among the various land ecosystems are hardwood coppice, saltwater marsh, rocky and sandy beaches, and mangrove swamp.

Over the 10-day experience, we will be exploring the connection between landscape analysis and ecological design, and the relationship between ecotourism and place-based learning. The overall goal is to work with community members to develop maps and interpretive materials that capture the unfolding story of the natural and cultural history of island. Students will gather a range of information about geology, marine and terrestrial ecology, hydrology, and cultural history, and develop a web-based platform showcasing this information. Additionally, the group will be collaborating with the local school to develop materials, which will collectively act as a platform for place-based learning and ecotourism for years to come.

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Walter Poleman Walter.Poleman@uvm.edu

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