Currently, only 4% of the international bone marrow donor database is made up of donors of multiple race/ethnicity. Patients in need are most likely to find a bone marrow/tissue match amongst donors of their same ancestry. As one of the only cures for blood cancer, there is an urgent need for greater diversity in the bone marrow donor bank. Come to the Davis Center to register and help educate people about the need for diverse representation in the donor bank!

I’m inspired to do this because a friend of mine has recently been diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia and is in need of a bone marrow transplant. He’s facing challenges finding a match who, like him, is of African-American & Filipino heritage. By registering people on campus with Be The Match, I hope not only to find a match for my friend but also for the thousands of other people who are waiting, unnecessarily, to find a donor who matches their genetic lineage.

Join us in the Davis Center (1/22-1/25) and register! Already registered? We need volunteers to help at the table and share with others about the need for diverse representation in the donor bank! Please invite friends and family to join, with the knowledge that every person who registers could be the life-saving match to someone in need.

For more information contact Carin at or at 802-656-4200

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