Concert: Chocolat & Bueno with Bison

Waking Windows & Noise Ordinance Presents
Chocolat & Bueno w. Bison
Doors: 8, Show: 8:30

About Chocolat:

Chocolat was. Chocolat is.

First came a band bursting with unpredictable rock and roll violence, Chocolat released a straightforward and erotic self-titled EP in 2007, followed by Piano Élégant in 2008, a suavely romantic debut opus infused with rock and yéyé influences. More fierce and fiery than ever, they released Tss Tss in 2014, an album whose expansive psychedelic sound and kraut-inspired repetitions earned the band international recognition and many tours abroad. Chocolat is now well into its second incarnation. On Rencontrer Looloo, the group has parted with its sprawling explorations and moved towards a more modal hard-franco-prog with punk and folk accents.

Awakened minds already know it: Rencontrer Looloo is like seeing the future in the bottom of a bottle of Cherry Coke, or accessing the infinite through the twists of a pretzel.


New record Illuminate Your Room is out now via Exploding In Sound & Babe City Records!


And they were there, before everyone else. Before the Euro trash. Before the farmers, the hunters, the peasants, the noblemen. Before the steel. Before the disease. Before the east indians. Maybe even before the west indians. Before the vikings. Before the forests were taken. Before the folly of man. They were everywhere. In the woods, the mountains, the prairies, the rivers, the swamps, the caves, the clouds, the geysers, and yes, the moon. They were there, before everyone else. And they were Bison.