Concert: the VeeVees and J Bengoy

The VeeVees and J Bengoy are playing a free show! Bring your dancing/head-bobbing/hip-swaying self down to Sidebar to check them out in person or learn more about the bands below.

The VeeVees
The VeeVees are Detroit bombshell Sophia Urista with the wails, roaming poet Garrett Cillo strumming strings and Italian powerhouse Andrea Belfiore on the skins.
There was a time when rock and roll wasn’t just another musical genre, it was an attitude. A way to give voice to the voiceless in times of despair, passion, heartbreak, and rage. It was the limbo that guttural sex and violent drug abuse danced in through a reckless journey to a loud decay. It was a beautiful bomb. As Dylan would say, “the times they are a-changin'”. And although it’s not likely the world will ever see another Hendrix or Zeppelin, there are still those who believe in the dark glory days of rock.
Yearning for those dog-days is The VeeVees. This rock band from Brooklyn has little concern for anything other than creating raw, truthful, visceral music.

J Bengoy
Based out of Burlington, VT, the members of J Bengoy like bleary-eyed sunsets and short walks on the beach. Current members include Charlie Hill, Justin Barton, Ryan Jory, Greg Heelan, Patrick Freeman, and Margot Van Horne.