Rain forest

Course Location:
Costa Rica
Program Dates:
December 28, 2013 – January 11, 2014
FOR 285 – 3 credits
Bryan Foster & Susan Moegenburg
Program fee (TBA) plus airfare. Tuition is included in your spring course load, unless you register for more than 18 credits. Students are responsible for obtaining the appropriate vaccinations, including any associated costs.
Junior, senior or graduate student standing. The course will be available to all interested students, but will probably be of most interest to those with a background in forestry/natural resources, biology/ecology, environmental studies, ecological economics, and community development.
No syllabus provided, please contact instructor
This course will provide a foundation in tropical forest ecology for both undergraduate and graduate students who anticipate working globally in the natural resource field. The course will be based at two Organization for Tropical Studies (OTS) research centers in Costa Rica, both in wet tropical forests, Las Cruces in the southern mountains (300 HA, 1000 masl) and La Selva in the northern lowlands (1600 HA, 35 masl).

A required group flight will be arranged for departure and return from the United States. Logistics to be coordinated by faculty.

For more information:
Please contact either of the instructors if you have questions about the course content:
Bryan Foster at bryancfoster1@gmail.com or Susan Moegenburg at smoegenb@uvm.edu.

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