dan and rachel cd cover

“A loveable duo that you should not miss. Very musical, funny and witty.” – Giessener Anzeiger (Germany)

Twisted love-rock duo Dan and Rachel has a wild song collection that ranges from loud dance beats to soft folk tunes, from hilarious commentaries to old-school love songs. Their live performances run the gamut of human emotion, with songs about bananas, love, social ills and zombies. Audiences are quick to join in the chorus of “their classic rapid-fire history of the banana.” (American Songwriter)

“You can hear clearly the influence of Pete Seeger, The Magnetic Fields, Harry Nilsson and Kermit The Frog.” – Localia Milano

Since 2009 they have toured over a dozen countries, playing internationally acclaimed venues including Webster Hall (NYC), El Lokal (Zürich) and the Reeperbahn Festival (Hamburg). They made their first album “Damn Monsters!” in 2011.

“It’s an album that will remind you how fun things can be when you take a break from being all serious and snooty.” -Dingus On Music

They are currently touring in support of their new record, “Plus One,” which will be released in October 2 on Kale Records. Dan and Rachel Costello live and grow food in Brooklyn.

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