The Fun-A-Day mission: do something fun/creative EVERY DAY for the month of JANUARY. Participants join a fun, free, non-commercial, non-competitive, all ages community art project. Everyone will create 31 pieces of awesomeness that they can choose to share in a community art show and reception in early February! The final show will display in Burlington, place and time TBD.

Started in 2004, Fun-A-Day began as a way for a group of friends to stay creative and be inspired by each other. Fun-A-Day has grown from its Philadelphia roots to over 20 national and international shows. The first Vermont show will begin January 1, 2013.

Approaches to Fun-A-Day are infinite. Past projects include: Painting-a-day, Poem-a-day, Recipe-a-day, and Performance-a-day. Participants can draw inspiration from past projects or try something completely new! Anyone interested is invited to visit or email

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