image of empty gallon of milk

Gallon, the game that’s sweeping Burlington by storm, is coming to UVM! It’s an accessible activity played with an empty milk/water/cider gallon container that involves reflexes, instinct, control, and more fun than you’d think.

The rules of Gallon are simple:
-Keep the Gallon container moving. Kick it, punch it, head it, keep its momentum moving like a hackie sack of soccer ball. If the Gallon’s momentum fails, the rally is over.
-There is no blame or negativity in Gallon.
-There are no teams and no points in Gallon. There are thus no winners and losers in Gallon, only people who take enjoyment from the sport.
-If the weather is too windy, players are encouraged to call “gusting!” as the Gallon is in mid-air.
-If a player accidentally hits the cap of the Gallon (sometimes it can be a little painful), he/she may call out “capshot!”
-Players are encouraged to invite passersby to play gallon.

Normally a game of Gallon is played by a small group (2-6) with a single Gallon. This event will be the largest Gallon game ever played. We’ll have 6-10 Gallon containers and hopefully 40+ people.

Invite your friends! Come one, come all!

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