Lit Club at the Lamp Shop

Featured artists showcased between open mic sessions every week. Open mic sign up from 7:30-8:30 at the bar. Poetics start around 8 o clock. All word is welcome! Poetry, rap verses, a song, short prose…. All languages, cultures, faces, religions and ideas welcome!

Check out the Facebook page to find out who the featured artists are this week.

This night is about further cultivating a creative atmosphere in Burlington, no doubt invigorated by university youths in particular. Lit Club @ the Light Club is a place to read your heart out or read nothing at all. Sit and have a drink, talk with the aimless person next to you. The night is a place to speak some candid truth right now and to be received by the micro community that will sit waiting with open ears in the Light Club Lamp Shop! There is a voice to young Burlington that will be fostered at Lit Club, developed and redeveloped, grown and ungrown every Monday night!

Lit Club is about honest word and no arrogance allowed. At Lit Club you’ll find the loneliest and the most alive and all the quirky and intimate conversation shared between wine glasses and lampshades.
Be your most daring and your most loving;
be strange and careless;
be new and anything at all!