london landscape

Explore the theaters, museums, and neighborhoods of this extraordinary city and take a 3 credit English course, studying British Theater and the London Stage. This course may be used to meet English major degree requirements (Category B) or serve as an elective.

The London Stage.
Explore the range of theatrical practice in contemporary London.

We will see plays in traditional late-19th century theaters as well as in contemporary and experimental spaces. We will visit the reconstructed Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, a range of 19th and early 20th century playhouses, and the latest theatrical venues in London, including the three auditoriums of the Royal National Theatre. We will read and see a broad range of plays from Shakespeare, to modern classics, to a sample of the most recently written and produced plays available. Specific titles depend on the current productions in London at the time of the course, but we will see 12-15 plays as a group. The course will include backstage visits to the Globe Theatre and the Royal National Theatre. We will study some of the ways theatrical spaces create conditions and expectations for dramatic performance. In the role of drama critic, students will write review essays about each of the productions we see.

Three Day Weekends
Explore On Your Own – Optional Excursions

This class meets in seminar format or on field trips four days a week, allowing three-day weekends for independent exploration of London, the U.K. and other European locations. Optional weekend field trips will be offered for an additional cost (not included in program fee).In past years, students have taken day-trips to other cities around London like Brighton, Canterbury, Bath, Oxford, Dover, Stonehenge. Other students have stayed in London to explore the many museums, markets, gardens, parks and shops the city has to offer. Some participants have also taken longer weekend trips and traveled to Wales, Scotland, Ireland and Paris.

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