Before State Radio’s show at Higher Ground, join band members for ACOUSTIC EQUALITY at high noon! This event if FREE and open to the public, so please RSVP now and help us spread the word…

ACOUSTIC EQUALITY events are part of State Radio’s Marriage Equality (ME) Campaign (, the band’s effort to fight for the day when the right to marry in America is free of discrimination. For too long, our country has denied loving, same-sex couples the right to marry. In doing so, we’ve also denied these couples 1,138 federal benefits and responsibilities that hinge on being married in the eyes of the law. This fall, State Radio is touring in support of the ME Campaign to fight for marriage equality across the country.

ACOUSTIC EQUALITY in Burlington will feature a short presentation, discussion, call-to-action, and — of course — an acoustic performance by members of State Radio!

After ACOUSTIC EQUALITY, join us as we hit the streets of Burlington for an informal ME Campaign Rally at the intersection of Pearl & Church. We’ll be out from 1-2pm.

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