hypnotic brass ensemble band members

Taking place at Artsriot – 400 Pine St – Burlington, VT

w/  DJ Luis Calderin

Tickets: $75

Signal Kitchen and ArtsRiot present, in association with Zero Gravity Craft Brewery, Vermont International Film Festival and Farrell Distributing:

2 sets from the world renowned Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, a full OPEN BAR, & catered food – All included in one $75 ticket !!!

The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble recently performed to a sold out crowd at Signal Kitchen in conjunction with the screening of the documentary “Brothers Hypnotic” as a part of the Vermont International Film Festival.

This eight-piece band of street performers, seven of whom are the sons of the Sun Ra Arkestra trumpeter Kelan Phil Cohran, recently relocated from the South Side of Chicago to Queens. The young players perform daily outdoors and underground, most often in Union Square, Times Square and Columbus Circle.
Their syncopated, often lyrical tone — incorporating jazz, funk, soul and hip-hop — is produced by horns that now look like world-worn hand-me-downs. Still, the instruments do the job, resonating off buildings blocks away.

“Our music has a special gravitational pull,” said Gabriel Hubert, 29, who plays trumpet. “People can’t walk past it. People always tell us, ‘I just had to follow that sound.’ ”

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