deck tape with northern exposure on it

Higher Ground is hosting the Northern Exposure series on various Saturday nights this summer. The shows are all ages, only cost $6 and will feature 3-4 acts. If you’re a motivated band that wants to play Higher Ground, this could be your opportunity.

Interested in performing at a Northern Exposure showcase? If so, please email Lettie at for more information.

Elephant – 8:30-9:10pm

Hailing from New Hampshire’s Plymouth State University in the southeast region of Grafton County, Elephant’s music focuses on improvisational jams using both original and borrowed riffs, fusing genres seamlessly.

They describe their sound as “Spankalicious groovisticated sound waves systematically blowin’ out yo ear holes with overtones of hyperspace and acute acceleration…mind meltin’ elephunk.” Playing fusion music from Neptune, these guys explore funky grooves that delve into Middle-Eastern, jazz, dub, reggae, and everything in between.

The Bumping Jones – 9:20-10pm

Like a majestic phoenix kaw-kawing its way up from the depths of the great Champlain, The Bumping Jones have risen from the deepest, dankest corners of Burlington, Vermont to reincarnate the lost spirits of the so-called rock gods of our legends (though gods they were.)

The Summit of Thieves – 10:10-10:50pm

The Summit of Thieves is a rock and roll band based out of Lyndonville, VT. The band has a dynamic live show with soulful ballads and funky dance beats; their set has yet to disappoint.

Brave Elephant – 11-11:40pm

Brave Elephant is an indie psych folk/rock outfit formed in the fall of 2010 by singer/songwriter Matt Quinn and drummer Lucas Mcguire. Often drawing comparisons to bands like Fleet Foxes and Band of Horses, Brave Elephant’s thought-provoking lyrics and throwback arrangements make them an extremely exciting young band. Quinn’s emotive and raspy vocals effortlessly switch between deep vibrato and clear falsetto, perfectly bringing the emotion of their songs to life.

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