'Bail Out The Students'

Have you had problems with Student Government? Do you feel well represented by the SGA or do you feel that they work so closely with the administration as to create a conflict of interest when holding the administration accountable to students and teachers? Do you want to fight for lower tuition, smaller class sizes, better paid teachers, and environmental justice?

If so, you are not alone. We in Students Stand Up! believe that education should be a right and that teachers and students should be in control of our universities, not administrators! We would like to invite you to an open forum on February 2, 2013 before the board of administrators meeting to discuss campaigns and strategies to build student power.

In the spring, Students Stand Up! will be organizing a free school on social justice and we would like to invite student groups to share knowledge from their organizing experience to a larger audience. Free schools and teach ins have been used throughout social movements to increase participation in movements and educate the larger public on social injustice. We invite you to bring your ideas to this open forum.

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