Leadership & Civic Engagement Programs is proud to announce its newest leadership development opportunity. We offer a series of workshops that cover important topics relevant to YOU and the success of your student organizations.

These workshops take place every Wednesday at 12PM in the Rosa Parks Room (near Brennan’s in the Davis Center).

Wednesday, March 27th: Introduction to Conflict Resolution!

What is conflict? Can it be beneficial?
In this week’s UVMx workshop we will define conflict, explore its effects, and learn skills to overturn it.
Join us to learn how to improve personal relationships, group dynamics, and to become more comfortable with conflict.

Doors are open for everyone to come listen, participate, and eat FREE BROWNIES (first come, first serve)!
DROP INS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME! Hope to see you there!

Questions, comments, concerns? Please contact Cornell F. Woodson at cwoodson@uvm.edu

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