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1 week ago

Mind the Music with Pizza

Listening to music can be a powerful and relaxing way to cultivate the skills of mindfulness. Practices taught in this class can help increase awareness, focus, fulfillment, compassion, and ability […]


1 week ago

Lovingkindness Meditation

Lovingkindness is a meditation practice that cultivates positive thoughts and emotions regarding oneself, others, and all living beings. This drop-in class begins each week with some gentle movement, followed by […]


1 week ago

Drop-in Meditation

This space provides a chance to practice mindfulness (i.e. nonjudgmental awareness of the present moment) through meditation. Each meditation begins with a brief introduction of the practice of mindfulness, continues […]


7 days ago

Qi Gong

Opening the Energy Gates is a set of qigong exercises that teach us how to soften and dissolve tension through awareness of the body and balanced alignments. By focusing on […]


7 days ago


Mat classes are a series of fluid floor work exercises designed to develop a strong core and long, lean, muscles. Join us in the Living Well studio for Pilates with […]

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2 days ago

Lecture: Radical Dharma

Radical Dharma: Love & Resistance Lama Rod Owens is an activist/organizer, poet and teacher who identifies as Black, Queer and Buddhist. Known for his informal teaching style rooted in self-inquiry and […]