Giannina Gaspero-Beckstrom

Giannina is easily distracted by birds and sunshine. She has a lot of emotions about food… mostly good ones, as long as the food is not blue. She recently came to terms with her gluten intolerance so if you’ve got any great GF recipes, send them her way. Giannina likes to fiddle around with her camera and her guitar, but not at the same time because she only has two hands. She also uses her two feet to ski and dance often, the latter happening most preferably in the kitchen while adventure-cooking. Her favorite texture in the whole world is the top of a dog’s nose. 

As an Environmental Studies major and a Chinese and Green Building & Community Design double-minor, Giannina has no idea what she wants to do with her future. For now she is enjoying being a sponge for learning in her third year at UVM. She grew up in Vermont and loves it dearly but she hopes to bounce around to different corners of the globe after graduation. Her UVM experience has been largely impacted by living in an ecological food cooperative called Slade, which has instilled in her a strong belief that food and family are among life’s most lovely things, and homes can be made out of them just about anywhere! Perhaps Giannina will become a teacher at some point, or a treehouse designer. Perhaps both! Who knows. She sure doesn’t. But she doesn’t mind not knowing.

Giannina co-leads the UVM BORED team and finds it an exciting way to practice her communication, computer, writing, organizational and haiku skills. She is devoted to making sure that BORED is good at representing a range of UVM experiences, and is always hoping for feedback, so please don’t hesitate to reach out with ideas.