2019 Otis Mountain Get Down

All Ages | Children Under 12 Free

Doors at 2:00PM ET, Friday 09.06.19

Tickets – http://bit.ly/Otis_FBtix

Initial Line Up :
Goth Babe
Jacob Jolliff
La Chamba
Rituals of Mine
Hannah Epperson
Sunny War
Not My Sister
Renata Zeiguer
Chris Staples
99 Neighbors
James Forest
Fever Dolls
J Bengoy

A weekend of music, experience and community – They keep it intimate, open and affordable so that anyone can connect with new artists and old friends.

Nestled along the Boquet River in the Adirondacks, Otis is a playground for anyone who loves the outdoors. Hearty mountain bike trails and easy going swimming holes, summit views and mossy campgrounds, relics turned art installations and tucked away hangouts, all provide for a setting you could hardly dream of.

Their lineup is unique to itself and familiar to none. Bringing artists and audiences together is the goal behind everything at Otis. Whether it’s a band you’ve never heard of or a genre you never knew you liked, They hope the line up allows you to think about music differently and gives you an opportunity to enjoy and support new artists after the weekend is over.

Otis is for everyone — they are family and they want you to join the in celebrating the end of the summer in the heart of the Adirondacks.

Rideshare & Community Group – Otis Mountain: Getting You to the Get Down