Join us for a virtual six-part webinar series highlighting the intersectional experiences of Womxn and Femmes in all facets of the Vermont food system, from seed to hands.

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About The Webinar Series:

ShiftMeals launched as a response to the catastrophic shortcomings of the globalized food system as revealed by COVID-19. This crisis has spotlighted systemic inequities for historically marginalized communities; consider that Black, Latinx, and Indigenous americans are 5 times more likely to be hospitalized with the disease than white americans, and Womxn are losing their jobs at nearly double the rate of men. These statistics point to inequitable distributions of access to healthcare, domestic and caretaking responsibilities, and frontline and service industry jobs.

A Force To Be Reckoned With honors those most affected by this crisis by bringing together these powerful Womxn and Femme farmers, leaders, organizers, and activists. We are creating a space for collaboration, discussion, and visions for a more resilient food system in Vermont.

Everyone, regardless of gender identity or expression is invited to listen and learn from these visionary Womxn and Femmes. This is a place for the whole community to come together to listen, learn, and reflect.

To make this series as widely accessible as possible there is no charge to attend these discussions. Please consider your own situation and if you are able to extend a donation to ShiftMeals or to one of our incredible speakers.