Actors from the London Stage present King Lear

Five British actors will be here for one week working with students and community members and performing Shakespeare’s great late tragedy, King Lear.* Founded in 1974 by Patrick Stewart and colleagues, Actors from the London Stage is one of the oldest touring Shakespearean Theater troupes in the world. The ensemble comes from such prestigious companies as the RSC, the Royal National Theatre of Great Britain, and Shakespeare’s Globe. Those of you who experienced their Midsummer Night’s Dream two years ago know that their creativity, physical skill, and extraordinary command of language provide an extraordinary gateway into the richness of Shakespeare’s writing and dramatic structure.

*Lear’s plot deals with an aging monarch’s desire for absolute obedience and love from his daughters, and how the subsequent honesty of one plunges him into madness and a nation into chaos. Loyalty vs. Truth. Authority vs. Chaos. This is a topical play.