Animal Rescue Club’s First Meeting!

Hi Friends! Animal Rescue Club is a service club under the Volunteers in Action Organization on campus. Their mission as an undergraduate club is to unite animal activists and lovers across campus and erase the stigma on overlooked animals and promote advocacy for all animals. By doing so, they can help save the lives of rescue and animals, and make our community a better place for all animals. The club does a lot of fundraisers, brings in guest speakers, and connects students with volunteer opportunities! Meetings are every other Wednesday on Zoom for the fall semester! Links to the meetings will be sent out from their List Serve!

For the fall semester, they will have many guest speakers, such as a wildlife rehaber and a veterinarian in a low cost spay/neuter clinic (with volunteer opportunities). They will discuss how to volunteer in a pandemic.

***JOIN their Facebook Page UVM Animal Rescue. Click the JOIN button on UVM CLubs to sign up for their email list-serve***