authentic relating games

Connection is a key ingredient for happiness but it is definitely not always easy to find. After more than a year of living in a pandemic, most of us are in need of some practice. Authentic Relating Games are designed to give you a playbook for how to begin to connect on an authentic level. Turning connection into a game provides a guiding structure and set of agreements for everyone involved. This removes a lot of the stress and anxiety from connection, and adds in an inviting element of play. Playing these games help build skills for any relationship: romantic partnerships, families, roommates, friends, community groups, teams, etc. Come play, connect, learn about yourself, and get to know others!

The UVM mindfulness program affirms the inherent worth and dignity in all living beings. We welcome and celebrate people of every race, ethnicity, class, sexual orientation, age, gender identity, body size, ability, religion, and citizenship status. And we are actively working to investigate bias and challenge racism and all forms of oppression.

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