Welcome back for mountain bike season BV Babes! We are launching a brand new, 6-week mountain bike prep series led by one of our very own Babe Force members and Certified Personal Trainer – Kate Kuzminski (see bio below). The first four weeks will be focused on getting our joints and muscles ready to take on the gnarly effects of biking while working to mitigate overuse injuries and get stronger each workout. Week five will be an informational session with a bike pro who will share what is needed to either begin your bike journey or how to continue to hone your skills. And lastly, week six will be a group ride to put everything we’ve learned together! Ages 15+

This series is for those of you who have never mountain biked all the way up to those who have been riding for years. Every single person can benefit from adding more strength and mobility training to their endurance sports. Plus, making a few extra friends never hurts.

Join us as we empower each other to build knowledge, strengthen our bodies, and gain more confidence in our journeys to become more fearless riders out on the trails.

Tentative Training Schedule:

Week 1: Mobility & Strength – Friday May 13th

Week 2: Mobility & Strength – Friday May 20th

Week 3: Mobility & Strength – Friday May 27th

Week 4: Mobility & Strength – Friday June 3rd

Week 5: Mountain Bike Prep with a local MTB Pro  – Friday June 10th

Week 6: Group Ride  – Friday June 17th

See you all at the Sports Center at 5:30pm!   Sign Up HERE

*Conditions permitting and dates subject to change

Note: For weeks 1-5 all you need is yourself in some comfortable work out gear and we’ll take it from there! If rental gear is needed for Week 6 please inquire at [email protected]