Big City Bites: Journey to New York Dinner

UVM Dining has got an exciting event for you to look forward to when you return from break– you’ll want to be a part of it! Their second Big City Bites Dinner of the year at Harris Millis Dining will take you to the concrete jungle where dreams are made of, it’s been waiting for you: New York City. On Wednesday, 3/20, head to dinner at “Grand Harris Millis Station” and have some delicious eats inspired by the city that never sleeps. Hop on the subway and enjoy special menu items at every station, including chopped cheese sandwiches, Italian American classics, New York cheesecakes, and plenty of fine dining fare.
Accepted Tender: a Meal Swipe OR Retail Points, CAT$cratch, or Credit/Debit by paying the door price of $12.40