Body Positive UVM- Wednesday Group

Join us as we focus on healing our relationships with our bodies. The Body Positive is a 4 week group focusing on building a healthy and freeing relationship with our bodies, food, and exercise. The Body Positive is based on the curriculum created by Body Positive based out of California with a focus on their 5 competencies: Reclaim Health, Cultivate Self-Love, Practice Intuitive Self-care, Declare Your Own Authentic Beauty, and Build Community.

All genders, identities, and body types welcome and celebrated!

Please call CAPS (802) 656-3340 or SHS (802) 656-3350 to express interest and set up a brief group screening appointment. Full 4 week commitment required as each voice is crucial to the group. 

**Please note to accommodate schedules, there are two options for the Body Positive, either Tuesdays from 4:30-6PM or Wednesdays from 4:30-6PM. This is a closed group, you must go through the pre-screening before getting instructions on how to access the group virtually.