building equitable futures: unpacking wealth/class privilege

hey UVM! got unexamined wealth/class privilege?

Is it holding you back from showing up as your full self and in full service of the movements and values you believe in?

Join students from Resource Generation (RG) Vermont chapter on the Davis Center green (and/or inside the Davis Center tent) 6-7 pm on Tuesday May 4th to begin unpacking our money stories. AND enjoy some food (homemade dessert) & community!

Plus, learn more about RG, a chapter-based multiracial organization that organizes young people with access to wealth and/or class privilege towards the equitable redistribution of wealth, land, and power.


questions/comments/concerns? reach out to Emily: (978)799-7476 or [email protected]

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Did you know?*

~6.9% of UVM students are from the top 1%

55% of UVM students come from the top 20% (families who made about $110,000 or more per year)

* stats from