Burlington Glassblowing Challenge

Hey VT Fam! Ever been interested in trying out glassblowing?
Now you can for FREE! Bern Gallery’s “Burlington Glassblowing Challenge”, a glassblowing competition for EVERYONE, is BACK!
FREE to enter, the BGC is a competitive glassblowing event, where participants have 3 minutes to gather the largest clear marble they can! No experience necessary. (if you’ve taken a lesson 5 years ago, don’t worry, you can still participate¬†😉¬†)
This is a FREE event, with a totally unique opportunity to get hands on with a medium that is truly like none other! We want YOU to come try something new.
The party starts at 12pm on Saturday, July 2nd; and will rage till 6pm.
Oh, and did I forget to mention? The winning entries will receive a dope prize AND trophy.
See you there!