Changing the way we see Native America: Keynote

Indigenous woman holding baby

Join the College of Education and Social Services (Cess) for a presentation and talk with Indigenous Social Justice Speaker, Matika Wilbur

The Keynote will take place at the Alumni House from 4-5pm on February 3rd and admission is free.


Matika Wilbur is from the Swinomish and Tulalip Tribes. She is the founder and photographer of Project 562 with a mission to Change the way see Native America. Since Project 562’s genesis in 2011, Matika has journeyed 400,000 miles to create images of Native Americans from more than 500 sovereign nations, visiting and photographing Indigenous folks from all 50 states. The result is an unprecedented repository of images and oral histories that accurately portrays contemporary Native Americans. She currently co-hosts the popular podcast All My Relations, which invites guests to explore the connections between land, creatural relatives, and one another.

As a former educator, she realized that the representation of Native peoples in media and in learning materials as a “leathered and feathered” dying peoples deeply affected the identity and perceived potential of her students. Thus began Project 562, the mission of which is to photograph and collect stories of Native Americans from each federally-recognized tribe in the United States. Through her lens, we are able to see the vibrancy and diversity of Indian Country and in seeing we challenge stereotypical representations and begin shifting consciousness about contemporary Native America.