Concert: D-Maz and Friends with Pocket Protector

21+ $5

Jam, Funk, Hip-Hop, Reggae. Whatever makes YOU dance, D-Maz & Friends has you covered for a night of booty shakin’! Head over to Club Metronome for this show, which will include members of Tar Iguana, Binger, Smooth Antics along with the headlining bands.

Backed by drummer Deven “D-Maz” Massarone – whose drumming likes have been compared to John Bonham, Keith Moon, Neil Peart and Animal from “The Muppets” – this supergroup consits of serveral different BTV All-Stars. You never know who might just hop up on stage!

Sporting a mix of classic covers and all sorts of originals, you’re gaurenteed to hear something that will put a smile on your face!

Deven Massarone – Drums
Braden Winslow – Guitar (Binger)
Shakir Stephen – Bass (Binger, Smooth Antics)
Chris Heres – Guitar (Tar Iguana)
Josh Dobbs – Keys (Tar Iguana, Dead Set, Cats Under The Stars: Tribute to Jerry Garcia Band)
+ many, many more special guests!

Pocket Protector is a trio out of Burlington, Vermont, that combines the best of funk, hip hop, the blues, and jazz.

Adam Sullivan – Keys & Synths
Ian Mack – Guitar & Bass
Scott Maynard – Drums & Percussion