Dance of the Reborn Sun – UVM Bands @ Higher Ground

UVM’s premier providers of funk, soul, blues, and psych invite you to celebrate the equinox and the return of spring with us on March 19th at Higher Ground! This more than just a show: it’s your chance to rent a limo, dress up in your spring attire, and ask that special someone to celebrate the nights getting shorter. Or, you know, just come with your friends and enjoy the first notes of spring from Bobby Coe & The Hive, Moondogs, All Night Boogie Band, and No Showers On Vacation. Expect appearances from the Rose McCann band, coordinated band outfits, other special guests, and more
Bobby Coe & The Hive: 
Bobby Coe and the Hive is a collaboration of indie rock with funk and R&B. Bobby Coe’s smooth groove pairs with the funky twang of the Hive to form refreshing originals bound by no genre. Sophia Carlat on guitar and vocals, Asa Fulton on keys, Andrew Greenberg on bass, Max Anderson on guitar, and Jimmy Martucci on drums.
Moondogs is a psychedelic rock band, based in Burlington, Vermont. Blending elements of funk, alt-rock, jazz, jam, and hip-hop, the band takes you to other worlds with mesmerizing synth lines (Asa Fulton), dueling electric guitars (Will Sturcke, Ben Collins), thundering bass grooves (Evan Barker), passionate vocals, and pounding drums (Sam Lyons, Angus Schuaneflugal).
All Night Boogie Band:
All Night Boogie Band is a blues & soul inspired quintet hailing from Burlington, Vermont. With high energy and passion, they display hair raising vocals (Jessica Leone), searing electric guitar (Brendan Casey), scorching hot keys (Van Garrison), and the tightest rhythm section east of Lake Champlain (Zach Santos and Bruno John).
No Showers on Vacation: 
No Showers On Vacation is more than a band. It’s a group of people playing music together. Those people are Sam Lyons (drums), Alden Nichols (keys), Emmett Lurssen (guitar), Calvin Wuthrich (bass), and Pat Maley (saxophone). Musically, they might be described as the result of dropping a nuclear reactor into a Mario Kart track. Inspired by jazz, funk, rock, hip-hop, and hygiene, the music of NSOV is timely, and yet timeless. It is music whose time has come. That time is now.