Deep House Yoga

deep house yoga poster with red and purple design

CALLING ALL PARTY PEOPLE! (and non-party people alike) Deep House Yoga is brain child of San Fransisco based yogis and musicians, that takes their love for club style house music and turns its into a fun and accessible way to vibe out and get your FLOW ON! Catherine New has been wanting to bring this style class to Burlington for quite some time and is excited to offer this with the EXTREMELY talented DJ Dave L Yea.

Catherine New has been teaching affordable and accessible style yoga classes in Burlington, Vermont for over 5 years. Every week she brings her love for yoga and music to her classes by incorporating an exciting, fun loving, and humorous energy each time. Over the years, Catherine has coined her classes as #badgirlyoga and #yogaforpartypeople because she feels yoga should be accessible to all that what to try, no matter how they live their lives. Her journey through practice has allowed her to find not only strength and stability, but also has empowered her to be more compassionate and loving to herself and to others.

Dave L Yea is a founding member of local crew and event production company 2k Deep, left of center musical style, multi-genre sets, tasteful style and mixing skill. Catch him at the many venues in town sharing his love for music in the community.

What to expect!

This class will be a well rounded and FUN class that will incorporate vigorous vinyasa with deep house chill vibes. If you have been wanting to try yoga, but have been nervous, this will be a great class that incorporates upbeat and soothing beats with lightheartedness and a judgement free approach.

House music is a genre of electronic dance music created by club DJs in the Chicago in the 1980s. Its strong focus is rounded in community connection and love to people that may have been considered outcasts by mainstream society. This class promotes, LOVE, CONNECTION AND INCLUSIVENESS!

Suggested Donation Member and Non-Member: $10-15