Discover Jazz Festival: BILL FRISELL TRIO

“Bill Frisell plays the guitar like Miles Davis played the trumpet: in the hands of such radical thinkers, their instruments simply become different animals. And, like Davis, Frisell loves to have a lot of legroom when he improvises–the space that terrifies others quickens his blood.”—New Yorker

Bill Frisell is one of the most sought-after guitar voices in contemporary music. The enigmatic nature of his music has drawn collaborators from Elvis Costello and Suzanne Vega to the Los Angeles Philharmonic and Brian Eno. His breadth is a testament not only to his singular guitar conception, but his musical versatility. In recent years, Frisell’s role as composer and band leader has garnered him increasing notoriety. On his recent release, When You Wish Upon a Star, Frisell draws upon classic film and television music, exploring how it shapes and informs our emotional relationships to what we see.