Discover Jazz Festival: SASHA BERLINER

“Sasha wields a technique and musical sense that portends a thrilling career.”
Hot House Jazz Magazine
Vibraphonist, composer, producer, and band leader Sasha Berliner wields a technical musical sense foretelling a thrilling career. In her original works, she has already asserted herself as a creative, genre-defying composer and excellent bandleader with a sixth sense of yet-unheard possibilities. One year into her career—at age 13—she collaborated with multi-Grammy Award-winning indie artist Beck. Since then, her passionate, risk-taking style has earned her giant steps in the jazz world, headlining festivals such as Atlanta Jazz Festival, NYC Winter Jazz Festival, NYC Composers Now Festival, and Deutsches Jazz Festival in Frankfurt, Germany. In FlynnSpace, she’s with her quartet, rounded off by Chris McCarthy (piano), Ben Tiberio (bass), and Jeremy Dutton (drums).