Election Support Series: Process within Affinity, for LGBTQIA+ Students

This space is open to students who identify within LGBTQIA+ community to process the state of our current community and nation. We recognize that this election cycle is particularly overwhelming in relation to the current pandemic and racial climate within our nation, and we encourage students to connect with peers, faculty and staff to collectively process, ponder and understand the current state of our world.

Because this is an in-person event and we need to manage capacity, you must claim a free ticket in advance of attending this event.  Claim your ticket at tickets.uvm.edu.

Please keep in mind if you sign-up and do not attend you are taking a spot from another student since available tickets are limited for safety and health precautions. Please make sure you bring a face covering and your CATCard to this event.

Our Catamount community depends on you to be safe and healthy. If you are not feeling well, please sit this one out. We promise there will be more opportunities in the future!

This event is part of a larger affinity-group series hosted by Civic Engagement, Hillel, The Prism Center at UVM, the Mosaic Center for Students of Color, and the Interfaith Center. These events are meant to provide discussion spaces based on identity without learning at the expense of those with marginalized identity.  Additional spaces include : Jewish, Religious + Spiritual, BIPOC, and White affinity spaces.  Learn more about additional upcoming election events here.