Festival of Fools Twilight Series: Saint Mela (w/ Aquamossa)

Catch a concert on the lawn as the sun sets on City Hall Park with this beloved series that presents 16 free evening concerts on alternating Fridays and Saturdays featuring a  lineup of regional luminaries spanning the full spectrum of genres.

Saint Mela began in the summer of 2013 as a long distance exchange between vocalist/lyricist Wolf Weston and producer Steve Dewey. After Weston started returning demos to the tracks Dewey was sending, a creative partnership solidified into an eclectic body of work. Dewey’s proclivity for dismantling and rebuilding samples immediately resonated with Weston’s propensity for genre-hopping and experimentation, and in 2014, three songs, their first EP was released. 

Not long after, Weston, an accomplished performer, couldn’t wait to try out new material where she was most comfortable: the stage. They moved back to NYC, building an audience step by step, playing everywhere that would let them. They soon recruited long-time friend Josh Rollin, a talented multi-instrumentalist who, similar to Dewey, grew up experimenting with sound creation and recording while also studying a number of more traditional instruments. 

Years of playing built a vibrant community who flocked to their energetic live shows and turned into dedicated listeners, demonstrated by the success of their debut album, first bloom (2018), a stunning combination of spiritual lyrics and chopped vocal samples over a bed of found-sound pop production. Pitchfork hailed first bloom as “a shot of adrenaline” while praising Weston as a “dynamo singer.” 

Since releasing first bloom, Saint Mela has returned to their smaller, more experimental origins, taking care to craft a 4-part series of EPs for each season. A sense of a collaborative community permeates the band’s core ethos, and these EPs underscore a love for partnership and dialogue with other artists. 2020’s all for this strange baptism and 2021’s a well for my ego features collaborations from Sebastian Ade, Fielded, and Rah Rah Gabor. 2022’s upcoming EP, i have no fantasies to sell you, will feature Raia Was and Moor Mother as guests. Tap in for yourself! With a penchant for innovative sounds, inventive melodies, and a wide range of influences, Saint Mela aims to keep listeners dancing, feeling, and engaged.


Opener: Aquamossa, 6:30pm

Aquamossa is an ethereal electric pop ensemble from Burlington VT. Born from a mission of dissolving the separate worlds of music and dance, the group performs their live show as a cohesive spirit, blending synthscapes and soulful melodies with evocative movement.  With frequent sit-ins and guest appearances, and a variety of dance styles including pole and contemporary movement, their live show is a truly unique and exciting experience not to be missed. 

2022 City Hall Park programming is underwritten by the Pomerleau Family Foundation. Twilight Series is presented by Soundtoys with support from Aqua ViTea.