Fright Bike: Indoor Cycling Class

Looking for some spooky vibes in your exercise? Check out our FRIGHT BIKE! A free forty-five minute indoor cycling class dedicated to Spooky Szn! Spots are limited, so get your ticket now at!


Classes are offered at 5:30 and 6:30 pm for free at . The 7:30 pm class is open to Group Fitness pass holders who have registered at IMLeagues.

Click here to Register for 5:30 pm Class
Click here to Register for 6:30 pm Class

Click here to Register for 7:30 pm Class (IMLeagues)

IMPORTANT – By claiming a ticket you are taking a space at this limited capacity event. If cannot make it, please be sure to communicate this with UVM Program Board ([email protected]) so they can free up a seat for another interested student. Failure to do this limits opportunity and
access for other students to attend this event and makes it more difficult to provide similar events in the future.

For more information about Fright Week, check out

For questions and accommodations, please email UVM Program Board [email protected]