Guest Seminar: Solutions for off grid food-energy-water in a transboundary context

Clive serves as the director of the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies’ Center for Transboundary Water Management where he oversees research and development projects, workshops and conferences that focus on transboundary water and environmental problems facing Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority. His specialty is in water resources management and policy. Clive’s research and development work has recently focused on cross-border stream restoration and waste water management issues between Israel and the Palestinian Authority and on integrated food, energy and water systems for off-grid communities in Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority and the developing world. He is leading a study in wastewater epidemiology on monitoring the presence of the corona virus in wast water in Israel and the West Bank as part of an early warning public health program on combatting the spread of the virus in marginalized communities in Israel and the Palestinian Authority.