Health & Healing: Mindfulness Drop-ins for BIPOC

Health & Healing: Mindfulness Drop-ins for BIPOC is led by Mark Reck and Vanessa Santos Eugenio.

Our drop-in sessions are a dedicated space for BIPOC to begin or deepen their mindfulness practice and offer mindful dialogue. Balancing traditional meditative practices within the context of our contemporary culture, meditation cultivates our natural wisdom and compassion. Meditation practice develops concentration, which allows us to calm and steady the mind. Together, we can help each other be free and liberated to heal ourselves and the world. Our sessions are free! No registration necessary.

This is a virtual event and will be held over Microsoft Teams

To drop in click: Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

OR visit at 5PM (EST) on Mondays

Questions? email [email protected]


Note: There will be no drop in class on Monday, September 7th (Labor Day)