Herbal Remedies and Autism

In this class we’ll discuss herbs as well as nutritional and lifestyle factors that can be of support to people on the spectrum seeking a healthier, more balanced life. This class will be suitable for people looking for support for themselves, or who are in a care-providing role.

There are three main areas that will be discussed. First is the nervous system; many people on the spectrum deal with challenges in the sensory world, chronic stress and social difficulties. We’ll discuss herbs that can help with sensory regulation, stress relief and mood support.

Second, there have been many studies and personal accounts indicating a higher rate of digestive difficulties for people on the spectrum. There is a big connection between the “gut-brain,” “heart-brain” and “head-brain” – difficulty with digestion can lead to physical discomfort, mood disruption, and increased stress, which can all in turn impact behavior. The herbal world is replete with remedies that can impact the gut in a positive way, and this positive impact can play a big role in overall support.

Third, immune function is a significant area that can relate to the problems people on the spectrum face. In this class we’ll discuss how herbs can help to regulate immune function, reduce inflammation and support the detoxification pathways of the body to keep the physical body feeling well and balanced.

The challenges that people on the spectrum face can feel very big, and as a society there is much more to be done to provide support. The hope is that this class will provide people with a few more tools to meet those challenges and to overcome them.

Taught by Nick Cavanaugh. Nick is a clinical herbalist at the Burlington Herb Clinic. He has worked at the Howard Center for three and a half years providing direct support to young adults on the spectrum. Before that he worked for two and a half years in the public school system, including with special education students. He has been studying and practicing herbalism since 2010 and his studies at the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism included a special research project on herbal remedies and Autism. Learn more about Nick’s work at www.nickherbalist.com.

Cost is $20 in advance, $25 the day of (if you pay online the day of you will be asked for $5 at the door). Students get a 25% discount with a valid student ID (contact us for details). ​