Herbs for Students: Natural Resilience, Calm and Focus

In the modern world challenges abound – good news, nature has solutions! In this class for anyone, learn about herbs that calm the nerves, reduce tension, uplift the mood and increase resilience to stress. Additionally, they will discuss herbs that increase mental clarity and focus.

This class is great for people who are both new to herbs and looking to learn the basics, i.e. how to make tea, as well as those with more experience looking to refine their knowledge. In either case, you’ll come away from this class with a new set of tools at the ready.
Taught by Nick Cavanaugh.

​Nick is a clinical herbalist at the Burlington Herb Clinic and a staff member at Railyard Apothecary. As a clinical herbalist, he works with clients in-depth on health challenges that they face, such as digestive discomfort, mental or emotional imbalance, or chronic illness. He is a graduate of the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism’s 3-year clinical herbalist training program. Learn more about Nick’s work at www.nickherbalist.com.

$16 in advance, ($12 with student discount), $20 day-of.
Level: Beginner