Herbs for Students

We know, college can be stressful – classes, social pressure, parents, etc.  Local herbalists are here to help!  Local, natural remedies that are easy to access, safe and straight from the Earth are available, and they’d love to help you incorporate them into your daily routine.

In this class, you’ll gain tools to help calm the nerves, reduce tension, uplift the mood and increase resilience to stress.  You’ll also know how to support mental clarity and focus with commonly available kitchen herbs.

At the class you’ll get to sample various herbal teas and tinctures so you can discover what works specifically for you.

Herbs are safe, gentle, yummy and fun!

$16 for students to attend.  Limited in-person spaces available, sign-up soon.  Option to attend via Zoom.  Pre-registration required:


​Taught by Nick Cavanaugh. Nick is a clinical herbalist at Railyard Apothecary.