International Student Club Hot Cocoa Hangout

An event to welcome our new members and a reunion for our returning members, ISC hangout with yummy hot cocoa, snacks, and music for a night of chatting! This event is open to all international students, U.S. students of international background, and anyone interested in global friendships. Can’t wait to see all of you!



The International Student Club works to build a sense of global community at UVM. Our goal is to create an engaging and safe environment for both international students, and students who have an interest in learning about global cultures, or want to gain a greater cultural awareness. The club aims to provide a supportive space for international students as they adjust to UVM. The mission of the International Student Club is to encourage cultural awareness within the UVM community through various exciting cultural activities, presentations and events. We feel that it is important for all communities to have an understanding of other backgrounds, cultures and nationalities, as this will help us to promote creativity and create a more inclusive campus culture.