Kick the Habit

Virtual one on one sessions with either, Mike Hill Jr the Substance Misuse Prevention Specialist from Living Well or Jan Shamberger the Behavioral Health Provider from Student Health Services.

Come talk to them and explore ways to find balance with your nicotine and/or cannabis exposure. Get personalized education, skill development, and tools to create new habits you can cultivate overtime. Conversations utilize a harm reduction and non-shaming approach. Jan and Mike welcome any student interested in shifting their substance use practices. This can entail (but is not limited to) the desire to quit, to limit use of nicotine, tobacco related products, cannabis related substances and/or to reduce the impact of these substances on one’s life in any way.

To sign up for a 30 minute virtual session, visit

Once you’re in the mywellbeing portal, click “appointments” on the left hand side
appointments > schedule an appointment > health education office hours and drop in hours > kick the habit
Questions? Email [email protected]