Life & Mystery: A Collection of Multimedia Piano Performances

The performance will be presented in two acts, each act will last roughly 30 minutes.

ACT 1: From My Life
An autobiographical work of rich romanticism from Smetana String Quartet that portrays the passion of youth, the loss of one’s beloved and the wisdom of  maturity. Performers will be violinists Olena Kaspersky and Carlysta Tran, violist Katie Snelling and cellist Liam Battle, cello, all emerging artists of the festival.

ACT 2: The Mystery of Stillness
Pianist Svetozar Ivanov presents a collection of short multimedia performances, each featuring the work of one poet integrated into the musical ambiance of a particular composer. Additional artistic ingredients are added, drawn from dance, film footage or animation. Composers include Cowell, Scriabin, Berio, Ustvolskaya, and Cage; poets presented are Sappho, Paz, Apollinaire, Akhmatova, Lorca, and e. e. cummings. The title derives from the words of e. e. cummings – “Nothing can surpass the mystery of stillness.”