Lonely Hearts Club

Deep in your post-Valentine’s blues? Feeling lonely and inspired? Single and poetic? Rejected and galvanized? Friendless and motivated? Perhaps you just feel the need to share your undeniable talent with the world. No worries, UPB isn’t fussy about your motivations.

On Friday, March 12th at 6pm, the UVM Program Board is hosting Lonely Hearts Club at Brennan’s. This is an open-mic night themed around broken hearts, missed connections, and mutual solitude. All types of performances are welcome: feel free to sing, play music, read poetry or short-stories, or any other creative form you’d prefer.

If you would like to be a Lonely Hearts Club star and perform, please fill out the form at go.uvm.edu/lonelyhearts. UPB will reach out to you to confirm and hash out the nitty-gritty details.

Performers will be in-person at Brennan’s, but the event will be streamed on Instagram live @uvm_upb for those who wish to attend virtually.

Don’t forget to get your tickets at tickets.uvm.edu !