March with Pride Vermont at Montreal Pride

Come represent Pride Vermont at Montreal’s Pride Parade! They are hoping to gather a team of sparkly Vermonters to promote the Pride Festival.

They are hoping to be sparkly, queer farmers to really jazz up their presence. The plan is to construct a few bicycles into tractors and cows. So throw on your best flannel, plaid, overalls, hats, and/or shit kickers, add glitter and flair, and  sashay your way down the streets of Montreal.

Email [email protected] to RSVP so they know who to expect and so they have a good count going into it. They are in Section 6 and need to meet at 11 am to line up.

DETAILS: Contingents of marchers and groups escorting vehicles are invited to assemble in the holding area located in Dorchester Square or at Place du Canada. The Montreal Pride team will be on hand to provide timely direction and positioning on René-Lévesque Boulevard. Considering the high number of participants, they recommend that we remain together in the holding area until our section is called by a Montréal Pride team member.